What is a Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontists are masters of complete oral rehabilitation. A prosthodontist is dedicated to the highest standards of care in the restoration and replacement of teeth. Prosthodontists are Dental Specialist skilled in the replacement of missing teeth and the restoration of natural teeth through the techniques and application of dental implants, dentures, removable partial dentures, crown & bridges, TMJ appliances or complex oral rehabilitation.

Prosthodontists must have graduate level advanced training  (M.S. degree) after attaining basic D.D.S. degree and have demonstrated special knowledge and skills in Prosthodontics.  Prosthodontics is an ADA (American Dental Association) recognized dental specialty.

What is Prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics is one of the nine dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association. Graduate programs in prosthodontics include classroom lectures and seminars, laboratory and clinical training in esthetics/cosmetics, crowns, bridges and  removable partial dentures, dental implants, TMD-jaw joint problems, traumatic injuries to the mouth’s structures, congenital or birth anomalies to teeth, snoring, sleep disorders, and oral cancer reconstruction and continuing care.

When would you NEED the care of a Prosthodontist?

You need the care of a Prosthodontist if:

  • You are missing one or more teeth.
  • You are interested in dental implants.
  • You wear dentures or removable partial dentures.
  • You want to improve the esthetics of your smile.

What options do Prosthodontists offer to restore your teeth?

Prosthodontists offer several options such as bridges, complete and removable partial dentures, dental implants and lost tooth replacement.

How does a Prosthodontist fix broken, discolored or misshapen teeth?

There are several options to replace teeth such as crowns/caps, teeth whitening.

How is a Prosthodontist different from other dentists and dental specialists?

Prosthodontists expertly restore and replace teeth. They have trained three additional years in an American Dental Association accredited graduate program after completing dental school.  Prosthodontists are also considered the quarterback of the dental treatment plan. They regularly lead teams of general dentists, specialists and other health professionals to develop solutions for your dental needs.