Cosmetic and Prosthodontic Care

Some people think the health of their teeth and gums is separate from the health of the rest of their body. Healthy gums and supporting tissues are critical to oral health and total wellness. Gum disease can lead to loss of otherwise of otherwise healthy teeth, and is linked to more serious medical conditions, including heart disease, stroke, etc.

If you avoid smiling because of chipped teeth, unsightly gaps and spaces, we have good news for you.

Cosmetic dentistry can be used to make subtle changes that create dramatic differences in the way you feel about yourself. We offer advanced whitening techniques, tooth colored fillings, crown and bridge therapy.

We offer a full range of preventative, cosmetic and restorative care, including replacement of teeth with custom dentures, tooth colored fillings, crowns, bridges and implant restorations.

Our office specializes in complex reconstructive and full mouth rehabilitation for even the most difficult cases, offering hope when others say nothing can be done. As a prosthodontist, Dr. Elahi is committed to the health, beauty and function of your teeth and mouth.

New dentures or partials can be first step toward improved comfort and appearance. Your old replacement teeth may be discolored, loose or poorly fitting, or their metal frames may show. Our office offers the most natural-looking dentures available that allow greater chewing efficiency and a more realistic appearance.

You may be surprised to learn most movie star smiles weren’t created by God… they’re the work of a dentist! Today’s dental advancements enable us to change the shape and color of your teeth, and create your dream smile, using aesthetic dental techniques, including whitening, bonding, veneers, crowns and bridges.

If you’re missing one or more teeth, have trouble chewing, or are embarrassed about your smile, dental implants may be the solution. Implants provide a stable foundation to which we can attach natural, life-like replacement teeth, such as crowns, bridges and dentures, allowing you to bite, chew and smile with the same confidence you had with your natural teeth. Dr. Elahi teams with area specialists to provide complete dental and implant care.


By Dr. Jeff Elahi DDS, MS (Prosthodontist)